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Next Meeting

Complete confidentiality is assured to everyone attending meetings.

The next Manchester Parents Group Support Meeting is on

Saturday 5th April 2014 2pm to 4pm

Please contact us if you need help before then.

Our meeting place is: The Taurus Bar, Canal street, Manchester.

Meetings are held in a private room.

See Meetings and Events for more details and dates of forthcoming meetings.

Many thanks to Polly and Iain of Taurus bar for the use of their room and their continued support and promotion of our group.

Mum Writes Heartfelt Open Letter to Trans Son

UK newspaper The Guardian’s ‘letter you always wanted to write...’ series has turned out some thought-provoking and interesting pieces.

The latest letter, posted 12th April, was from a mother to her teenage transgender son.

Both extremely heartfelt and moving, the mother in question confronts her relationship with her son from childhood to now.

Read the full letter here:

US Advocate for Homeless LGBTI Youth Writes a Public Letter to Pope Francis

An advocate for abandoned LGBTI teenagers published a Palm Sunday open letter to Pope Francis asking him to visit a homeless center in New York City.

"The heart of the problem is that the church still teaches that homosexual conduct is a sin, and that being gay is disordered," Carl Siciliano writes, and this teaching tears families apart and brings suffering to innocent youths,"

Read more

A Fight by a 92 year old Trans Widow for Survivor Benefits Leads to Change in US Policy

Robina Asti is a WWII veteran and pilot who has been a transgender woman since 1976. She had been denied benefits after the death of her husband for two years because she had been born a male.

She finally got her benefits on 14 February after a legal appeal

Watch Flying Solo: A transgender widow fights discrimination

It was a Long Fight for Equal Marriage – Finally, it’s Here

Securing same-sex marriage was ultimately the cumulative, collective effort of many LGBT organisations and tens of the thousands of grassroots LGBT people – and our many straight allies – who signed petitions, made submissions to the government, lobbied their MPs and wrote letters to newspapers. Bravo!

Peter Tatchell looks back on decades of campaigning  that have finally resulted in the fist same sex marriages.

Archbishop of Canterbury: Church’s Resistance to Same-sex Marriage is Over

Archbishop Welby said, I think the church has reacted by fully accepting that it’s the law, and should react on Saturday by continuing to demonstrate in word and action, the love of Christ for every human being.”

Although these comments do not reflect a change of policy in the church, they show a more accepting stance, and signal acceptance instead of resistance.

One step at a time!

First Gay Marriages in UK will Take Place at Midnighti

Look back on the battle to get same-sex marriage legalized in England and Wales as the first couples prepare to walk down the aisle 

After years of tireless campaigning from the LGBTI community, same-sex couples in England and Wales will finally be able to say ‘I Do’ when same sex marriages become legal on March 29th 2014.

A momentous day.


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