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Contacting Us.

Maybe you have recently found out your child is gay and you are unable to accept his/her sexuality. Maybe you have known for some time but been unable to talk to anybody about it.

For confidential help, support or information

Need to talk to someone? If you have Skype you can click the image below to talk to us for free from anywhere in the world. The image will show you if anyone is available to take your call.

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Ring Our Help Line

0845 652 2674 (United Kingdom - local rates apply)

Friendly, understanding parents will take your call.
Complete confidentiality is assured.

Email Support

or you can Email Us

Don't think you are alone GET IN TOUCH

We have contacts throughout the UK. We can put you in touch with your nearest group or telephone contact.
Please contact us with your location and we will send you the telephone number of your nearest contact. Our helplines are staffed by parents of lesbian, gay and bisexual children so they will understand how you may feel.


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